Webhooks in Netlify

A webhook is automatically addded between Netlify and GitHub when you connect a repository to a Netlify site. This guide aims to show how to add a webhook to another repository, enabling deploys of a site based on updates to any of your repositories.


Sourcing data from external repositories is very powerful. It allows you to keep the data separated from your front-end without using a traditional database approach. This works very well with simple data, without complex relations and permissions.

The example here uses a separate repo for markdown files (blog posts) for which an update will trigger the deploy of the front-end (gelotte.dev).

Adding the webhook

1. Create a new webhook in Netlify

Add webhook in Netlify

2. Add the webhook to repo in GitHub

Add webhook in GitHub

3. Enjoy


Designed and developed by Sebastian Gelotte.

Built with Gatsby. Hosted on Netlify.

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